Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, This is the first full weekend of having the boat our for more than a few hours. Why do I feel as if there is a possibility we will be broke by Monday?? Dear Aunt Lisa, The snake situation at your house is really starting to freak me out. I'm buying you guys some moth balls. Dear BB, you survived the week of VBS! Congrats! Thanks for letting Ryleigh stay all week she had a great time. Dear Circle K, your milkshakes rock my socks off!! Dear Courtney, in the past few weeks you have introduced me to Circle K milkshakes and I have introduced you to coupons. This is a wonderful friendship. Dear LindsAy, I think it is un-American that you are staying at home this weekend to work on school work instead of going to the beach. Dear Boat, you have been the cause of many problems for me lately. I'm just telling you now, you better provide years of family fun for us. Or else. Dear Larry, thank you for watching Tanner for us and taking him fishing. He slept all the way from their house in Irvington to my work then from my work to home and then an additional 2 hours at home. He finally woke up around 8:00. He was wore out! Dear Velvet, I hope you didn't get lost in Atlanta. Although that would have made a great story. Dear Whitter, my couches look great!! The Rug Doctor doctored them right up. Next time though I feel as of we should clean them together It probably would have been more fun. Dear Jordan and Evan, we will be at the beach as well this weekend so don't think you'll be able to get away with anything since your mom is out of town! :) Dear Family, Looking forward to a day at the river on Monday!! Dear Ryan, if you don't stop swiping your debit card for boat stuff I'm going to have it turned off! I love you more that you love the rush of swiping your card. Which you should know is a lot because you've been swipe happy lately.

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