Thursday, December 9, 2010

Children of the World Choir

This weekend our family has the pleasure of hosting kids from The Children of the World Choir. I initially did it just to do it. Just to say we hosted kids from a foreign country at our house. But the more Ryan and I thought and prayed about it we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for Ryleigh and Tanner. It's no secret that as Americans we live in a bubble. We enjoy our nice house, cars and jobs while people around the world are suffering. I am the first to say that mission work starts at home but even the worst "mission field" you can find in America couldn't compare to things that are happening in 3rd world countries. Ryan has a heart for missions and kids. He always has. I'll be honest, I don't. I love my kids but it normally stops there. I'm not a kid person. I love my house and family and as long as they are safe and well taken care of I'm fine with that. I don't want to be that way anymore. I definitely don't want Ryleigh and Tanner to be that way. I want them to be exposed to other cultures. I want them to understand that the world they live in may be normal to us but it isn't to kids all over the world. I want them to have compassion for people less fortunate than us. I want them to have a heart for missions like Ryan does.

So what are my hopes for this weekend?

To show these kids the love of Jesus. Plain and simple. In return I'm hoping they will open our eyes to the world around us. I'm hoping they will show Ryleigh and Tanner the world isn't cookie cutter. That there our kids who don't have parents, there our kids who are thankful just to have clean water to drink, there our kids who won't have any presents to open Christmas morning.

We will see how it goes. We are getting them Friday night and will have them until their performance at our church on Sunday morning. We plan to take them to the Christmas Parade on Saturday and Bellingrath Gardens sometime. I hope they have fun with us. If you think about it please say a little prayer for our family as we try to get out of our comfort zone.

I'll let you know how it goes on Monday! You can check out their website at

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Sandi, Zach, Bekah & Freddy said...

I am so glad you guys are hosting as well. Just after our first night,,,I told Mackenzie that I want to do a mission trip (I have never done one). My heart is so full this morning and we have another full day to go. Tomorrow is gonna be hard. Bekah said yesterday after they sang 'Thank You for giving to the Lord" Mama, its gonna be hard to let them go... pray for us too....