Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend! Friday night I rented How to Train Your Dragon for the kids and we got Tanner's mattress and put it in the living room and watched it. We made cupcakes and had cupcakes and cookies for dinner and a slumber party in the living room! It was a really fun night!

Saturday we took a trip to Seward Farms. We love going out there. The kids always have so much fun and leave exhausted!

We had a picnic lunch at Seward Farms and then once they were as dirty as they could possibly be, we left!

Some good friends of ours lives out by the Farm so we stopped by to hang out with them for a little while. The kids love getting to play with their kids!
Saturday afternoon we came home and fell asleep watching the Auburn LSU game and woke up in time for the Alabama game. Please keep in mind that we still had Tanner's mattress in the living room!! Ryleigh left to spend the night with Ryan's mom so the 3 of us just laid around and watched the game.

Tanner and Ryan left to go to Ono around 9, they were going fishing the next day. So that left me in the house all by myself! I was so excited!

Ryan sent me these pictures of him and Tanner from Sunday. First Tanner caught a bird!
Then he caught a huge fish!! The fish was seriously as big as he was! He obviously didn't pull it in by himself but he really caught it on the reel he was holding!
He was SOOOO proud of himself and it's all he can talk about now!! I love, love, love the relationship Ryan and him have. They are so close and love to do things together. Ryan just treats him like he's one of the guys! Which can sometimes be a bad thing because of the stuff that comes out of Tanner's mouth sometimes! :)
Sunday Ryleigh and I just hung around the house until we went to go meet mom so Ryleigh could spend the night. So that means I had all of Sunday afternoon to myself! It was GLORIOUS!! My house has never been so clean! I will admit to laying around on the mattress and watching a movie to! Once the movie was over I moved it back into Tanner's room. I could get used to having it in the living room though. It was kinda nice!! :)
Sunday I also made this new thing to display the kids artwork. I think it turned out really cute!

Tonight as long as it's not raining we are headed to the fair!!

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