Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hollywood Studios-Day 2

If I had to pick our least favorite park it would probably be Hollywood Studios. We had a lot of fun there but there were quite a few things that didn't interest the kids. Since we planned our vacation solely for them if they couldn't ride it we did either. Disney has a rider swap program where you can ride the ride then swap with your partner so they can ride without having to wait in line twice. But what's the fun in riding alone??

As soon as the parked opened we knew we wanted to head to Toy Story Mania. This was hands down one of our favorite rides in all of Disney and without a doubt Tanner's absolute favorite! The boys headed straight to get in line and Ryleigh and I hung back and met a few characters.
She loved getting to meet Stich! I don't think she's ever seen the real movie but she like their TV show.
We then met up with them just as they were going in the door. Tanner really thought the Army men were cool!
The wait for the ride was only like 15 minutes so it went by pretty fast.
We had learned from the day before that as soon as we got off of it to go get FastPasses to ride it again later in the day.
After Toy Story Mania we hit up The Little Mermaid show and Playhouse Disney. Playhouse Disney was a huge hit with them! They liked getting to interact with the show and they love "Oh Toodles!" We also went to this bakery called Starring Hills Cafe. It was SOOOO good!!! I got a Butterfinger cupcake that was as big as my head. It was literally the best cupcake I've ever had! We tried to go to a bakery in every park because Ryan, the kids and I all LOVE bakeries!! I wish we had more in Mobile!
We then headed to the Indiana Jones Show. Tanner kept calling it the Indian show. He loved it! He didn't like the breaks the took when they would explain the behind the scenes type stuff but as far as the show he really liked it!
For lunch we went to Toy Story Pizza Planet. It's a pizza place that's set up like the Pizza Planet in the Toy Story movie. The kids LOVED it and the pizza was actually pretty good! They have an arcade inside so we hung out in there for a little while and cooled off. On the way out they saw this snowman at one of the shops and wanted to take a picture with it!
After lunch we went to The Muppet 3D show. I felt so bad for this show because it's so old and so sad! It really was terrible. The highlight though was when we came out we got to see these guys!!
We then headed to the Lights, Motor, Action stunt show. By this time we were hot and tired and I was feeding into the kids attitude problems. It was just such a long walk and anyone that knows us knows that Ryleigh and I hate 2 things...being outside and being hot. We had a quick attitude adjustment and really enjoyed the show. Thankfully this was the only hot day we had. The rest of the week it was fairly nice out.
Our second favorite thing about Hollywood was the Block Party Bash! We LOVED it!! Someone had told me that they don't try to catch the parades when they go, they just do if they do. Well I would HIGHLY recommend trying to catch them. They are so fun!! We got the kids an ice cream and sat down while we waited for it to start. It was a great opportunity for them to rest for about 20 minutes.
The parade was so cool!! They stop and get down and dance with everyone. It really was a lot of fun. Very entertaining and very high energy.

After the parade we went and rode Toy Story Mania again. With our fastpasses we only waited like 15 minutes when the regular wait time was 180 minutes!!
We then met Buzz and Woody together! Tanner was so excited about that!

That afternoon we went and rode the Tower of Terror. Yes, you read that right. Ryan put my sweet babies on that ride!! They did ok the whole way to the ride when we were talking about it but once we got on and they buckled them in and turned out the lights they got a little freaked out. The whole ride they didn't cry but I could tell they wanted to. As soon as it was over they said "Is it over?" I said yes and Tanner started balling his eyes out. He was so mad at Ryan for making him ride it. He wouldn't speak to him for a while! Later though they were really proud of themselves for riding it and kept telling everyone!
That night we had dinner at Sci Fi. It came recommend to us by a few people but we both thought it was terrible. It was our least favorite restaurant in all of Disney. That night was the show Fantasmic. We headed in about 7 and sat on the very front row so the kids would have plenty of room to run around while we waited for the show to start. The thing about the front row is you get wet during the show!! The kids thought that was really cool.
Waiting on the show to start. Who's kids are these??
Fantasmic is such a cool show. It combines everything Disney into one show. Fireworks, water and all the characters. We loved it!
The only thing I didn't like about the show was getting out of the theater after the show! It was chaos!
Ryan took this picture during the show. Looks like Tanner and I were excited about something!
It was a really fun day and the kids did so well with not going back and taking a nap. I have mixed feelings about taking time out of the day to go back and rest. We did it like twice but most days we just stayed and played all day!

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