Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for cleaning the house today! It really is going to make my weekend so much more enjoyable. I do think it's funny how when I leave you a list you literally take it step by step. Never adding to it or taking away from it. I don't know why but this makes me SMILE. Dear Weekend, Even though we only had a 4 day work week it still seems like it took forever for you to get here. Dear Aunt Velvet and Mom, Thank you so much for keeping the kids this weekend! I hope they are good! Dear weekend at the beach with all of our friends, I'm really looking forward to you so hurry up 6:00!! Dear Diet, you will resume again on Monday so get ready! Dear Whitney, Running resumes on Monday so be ready. Dear Tanner, I am SO SO SO proud of you sleeping in your bed all this week. You love your new room and I'm so excited for you! Dear Ryleigh, I hope your umbrella parade at school today is everything you hoped it would be. You have been so excited for it all week! Dear Ryan, a husband who baths the kids every night, cleans the kitchen every night, packs the kids lunches AND is cleaning the whole house from top to bottom for me today is a wonderful husband in my book! I love you more than a clean house on a fall Saturday morning!

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