Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

It's funny on a day devoted for Mothers that I didn't get one picture with my kids or with my mom...All I got was a ton of crazy pictures of our crazy family!

We knew that Sunday would be spent at church and Aunt Lisa's house so we celebrated my Mother's Day on Saturday. I have pictures from that but we went to Fairhope and had the BEST time!! Ryan and the kids got me a new hair straightener and a road bike!! I kinda expected the straightener but the bike was a total surprise!! So we took the bikes to Fairhope and just spent the day over there.

Sunday everyone went to Nana's church which I just love to do! For some reason I just love when our whole family does stuff together! Afterwards we went to Aunt Lisa's house to eat.

We also celebrated Aunt Tena's Birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Tena!

Although I may look pregnant in this picture, I assure you that I am not!!

We were trying to get a picture of us jumping but Aunt Velvet is terrible at taking action shots! :) Why were we trying to get a picture of us jumping you ask? I have absolutely no idea!


Please take a moment to notice how much longer my arms are than Whitney's.
We are starting her early! Hopefully, if she's lucky, she'll be as cool as we are! One can only hope so!
I hope you didn't enjoy this Tanner because there is no way no how you are going to be building pyramids ever again! I tried to get everyone to make one big pyramid but no one would cooperate with me but Tanner!
We had a wonderful day with our wonderful family!

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