Friday, April 9, 2010

Ryleigh's Slumber Party

I know I'm very behind on the picture posting. But with all the birthdays we insist on celebrating 1 or 100 times, well, I've been busy! Last Friday night Ryleigh insisted having a slumber party. So we invited all the girls in our family and a few of our friends from church. She had a great time and I have to say the little bit of money and effort that was put into didn't compare to how much she loved it!!
This is her and her friends at the "restaurant." She wanted us to be the waitress and they ordered and paid and everything. It was pretty funny. 
This is Maddie, my friend Tina's daughter. She NEVER wear bows (I know, it's crazy) and we put Ryleigh's headband on her. Tina thought it was to big, I thought is was the perfect size! You are suppose to be able to see the bow in the back pew in you were sitting in the choir loft! 
Miss Priss and her brownie cake!

Madison and Katrina
I mean, enough with the presents already! I feel like that's all we've done lately!

Some people decided to set up shop in our backyard!

This is completely safe! 
Linda Lou and the fabulous headband!
Playing Red Rover Red Rover, Ryleigh's new favorite game. That's all she wanted to play!
London Bridge is falling down was also a big hit!
She had a great time and thanks to everyone who came! Next year we are going to try to scale it back on the number of birthday parties we have!!

And on a side note...Did you know 4 year olds wash their own hair!
Tuesday night (the night of her actual birthday) I went to go wash her hair and she informed me that she wasn't 3 anymore mom, and 4 year olds wash their own hair!

Well, ok then!


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