Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Whirlwind Saturday

So we started out our Saturday morning by being very tired and washing all the sheets in our house. Yes, Ryleigh and Tanner both had accidents in Ry's bed and our bed. About 3AM I was really missing my hotel bed in Birmingham! : )

We really had no plans for Saturday. We talked about going to the park and playing and running later but nothing set in stone. The reason why I said that is because we ended up doing the most random things on Saturday and none of it was planned!

Around 9:30 Ryan suggested going to Dauphin Island to the parades they were having. I agreed and we packed a picnic lunch and took the jogging stroller to go running afterward at the beach. 
On the way we stopped by Starbucks.
Because you can't even talk to these kids in the morning until they've had their coffee. 

We then set in traffic for 2 and a half hours to get on the island. It was insane!
We then enjoyed the parade from the best location. We were at the very beginning and stood behind this fence so we didn't have to worry about the kids running out. The parade was packed but there wasn't anyone near us. I guess they didn't want to stand behind the fence. 
What those people didn't know is that behind the fence is where the party's at! Ry and Tan caught 19 stuffed animals!! 19!! It seems like that's what everyone is after at parades and they just kept throwing them to us. For those of you who don't know how I feel about stuffed animals...I like them as much as I like waking up to feeling pee on me and washing sheets all morning on a Saturday!
When we got in the truck Ryleigh said "Momma please, please, please, please don't throw the stuffed animals away (I didn't even say anything about that she just knows my feelings to the stuffed toys that take up way to much space and serve no purpose) I love them all equally and would be so sad."

Like I said earlier we were in traffic forever going down there so Ryan decided that instead of sitting in traffic for hours trying to get off the island, he wanted us to take the ferry to Gulf Shores. So we ran to the truck afterward and raced to the ferry. We weren't the only ones with the idea but thankfully got on the first one out. 
So we rode the ferry to Gulf Shores. It was so windy so we stayed in the truck the whole time.
Once we were off the ferry and buckled back in, some of us decided to take a nap while still pledging our allegiance to the great country we live in. 

We decided to meet our friends Kris and Tina who were hanging out at the outlets, for lunch at Lambert's.
I know these next pictures aren't going to make much sense but Ryleigh and I walked in before Tanner and Ryan. When she saw these 2 statues she immediately wanted me to take her picture with them. 

Tanner came in a few minutes later and without knowing Ryleigh did it, wanted the exact same thing. That's their new thing, they want me to take their picture in front of everything and then they immediately want to see it. 

Cutie Pie Madison was at lunch, well I guess it was dinner. What's the meal called between the two? If it's like 4:00...Lupper??
We then went to the aquarium!
Really it was just the bass pro shop, but they don't know the difference. It was their idea to go by there. They love that place. (I feel the same way about that place as I do about stuffed animals!)
This is Tanner's newest obsession. IT'S ALL HE TALKS ABOUT!! "Mom my birthday is soon and I really want a hulk or spiderman 4-wheeler, really bad mom, really, really bad!!"
FYI: We are taking donations to buy him a 4-wheeler. Anybody want to donate? No? 
He's not going to be happy with you all!
And you'll be happy to know that this is the last picture. Ryleigh wanted us to buy this "Because it'll be perfect to drive to Aunt Lisa's mom, just perfect!"

Needless to say when we got home I was exhausted! We slept late and went to late church, we never go to late church. 
I would also like to applaud everyone who read this post that is entirely to long. You must really love our family and we love you to!

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