Sunday, January 3, 2010

Semmes Christmas Parade

I know it's the new year but I still have a few more Christmas things to post. I'm almost done I promise!!

Every year Pathway Kids has a float in the Semmes Christmas Parade. You technically have to be in the older group to ride in it but we snuck in anyway. Actually, Gill's truck pulled it so we rode in the truck where it was warm! Ryleigh and Tanner had so much fun. Here's a group shot.
Doesn't this look so safe, riding down the road hanging out of the windows. They thought they were some kind of special!

Ok, this was THE HIT of the parade. I present to you Bubbazooka! Gill and Ryan made thisridiculous gun that would shoot T Shirts the length of a football field. (They have to much free time!) The gun was pretty awesome. They turned the pressure down and shot 250 TShirtsduring the parade. They actually have a ton of people wanting them to make the guns and sell them. Wouldn't that be hilarious if they really did. It would be even funnier if we got rich off of the "Bubbazooka!" Nothing and I mean Nothing screams redneck like becoming rich off aBubbazooka!
See these awesome decorations? Well I stole them off the float after the parade. Guess who's having a candyland themed birthday party!

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Anonymous said...

ummm, can i buy a bubbazooka? to shoot at my husband??