Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roll Tide Roll!!

This past Saturday Ryan and I went to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama game. I love watching college football from the comfort of my couch but there is NOTHING like watching it with 92,000 fans!
Our tickets were in the endzone which I didn't think we would like but they ended up being great seats. We were 7 rows from the field. 
We actually got to go all the way down to field level which was pretty cool. We got to meet Big Al!
We ate at Rammer Jammers before the game. They have the best hamburgers!

Alabama won 53-7! They play Arkansas this week @ 2:30 so that'll be a scary game!

After the game we were headed back to Mobile and out of nowhere decide to go to Birmingham and eat at P F Changs and the Cheesecake factory! It was SO good!! I love, love, love the cheesecake factory!! It was such a fun day to spend with Ryan I feel like we have been going 90 to nothing the past few weeks and haven't seen each other much. 

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