Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maid of Honor!

Guess Who's getting married! I've been meaning to post this for a while now a keep forgetting. Brandon finally proposed to Lindsey!
I say finally like they have been dating for 10 years, but we were just so ready to plan a wedding it made it seem like forever!
Lindsey FINALLY got a job in Mobile and was able to move back home. They have set the date for October 9, 2010. This happens to be the only Saturday Alabama is off during the 2010 football season. It's sad when you live in the south and want a fall wedding that you have to plan your wedding around college football. Sad but true!
And guess who is her maid of honor...drumroll please......ME!! I am so excited about being maid of honor. I'm also so excited about helping her plan the wedding. When you have your own wedding it's like everything is happening so fast you don't have time to enjoy it but when it's someone else you can slow down and enjoy the process. I made these save the date cards for her. I'm not sure if she's going to use them or not but if she does we are planning on changing the picture.
I also love these bridesmaids dress colors. These are the colors she is planning on using. She is also going to add in a few fall colors for the accent pieces throughout the wedding, like orange and dark red.
I also love this cake! Isn't it beautiful!! I'm not sure what kind of cake she wants but if it was my wedding this is the one I would pick! She had a great idea for doing a cheesecake for the grooms cake with all different kind of toppings to pick from. I am super excited about that! We all know my love for cheesecake!

So Congratulations Lindsey and Brandon! We all are very excited for you guys!
Now you just need to have kids so Ryleigh and Tanner will have some cousins!

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Anonymous said...

I thought Ryan's brother had two kids.....that would make them cousins....right :)