Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ryleigh Claire

This child never ceases to amaze me! Every night before she goes to bed she prays and she'll start by saying "Dear Jesus I want to pray for" and then start rattling off names of whoever she can think of. Well at the end of her prayers on Saturday night she said what else can I pray about. I said well why don't you say I love you Jesus, so she repeated it. Then she said what else can I pray for and I said why don't you say Jesus forgive me of my sins. So she repeated that and then looked at me and said "what's sin" I told her that its when you do bad things that don't make God happy and that you have to ask for forgiveness. I'm not kidding when I say this, she then bowed her head and did her hands together and being as serious and as sincere as she could be she said "Dear Jesus forgive Tanner of his sins because he was really bad today!" I about fell over on the floor laughing! It was so funny!

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Anonymous said...

You have to admit that is classic! At least she understands Tanner is being bad....haha! I guess she did not feel that she was too bad that day.
They are truly the cutest kids and I love reading the blogs and seeing their pics!
God bless your sweet family!