Friday, September 19, 2008


The Doodlebops, from top to bottom: Dee Dee, Rooney and Moe
So, there is this show on the Disney channel that Ryleigh loves its called the doodlebops. Is suppose to be like a kid version of a rock band type show. They dance and sing, and sing and dance and dance and sing...well you get the picture. Ryleigh loves to dance like Moe, he break dances on the floor. She likes to lay on her back and spin around and says she is dancing like Moe. Well if you know me at all you know that I cannot stand cartoon characters in any form or fashion. So the other day I was explaining to Ryleigh about Halloween and how you get to dress up for it and I asked her what she would like to be. I didn't think she would have any kind of response, she immediately says "Dee Dee Doodle w/ pink hair!" I was mortified! I thought I would get to have one last Halloween where I get to pick what they were going to be. I may still play my parent card and let them be something cute and not the Doodlebops! So I guess stay tuned to see who will win this battle. If Ry does win I guess Tanner will be stuck being Rooney from the Doodlebops, Moe is cuter but I can't find a Moe costume. The pictures above are of the actual costumes. Leave a comment and let me know how ridiculous you think the costumes are!

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DeLayne said...

Haha...I think payback is funny! I think Ryleigh has a mind of her own (just like her mom. They will be cute as DoodleBops! Just remember what they always say....don't ever say what your kids won't do...because that is exactly what they will do!
I love the new site and love the updates. I voted for Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, but the Bops are cute too!