Friday, August 22, 2008


Hey everyone!
So, I have decided I'm going to start to blog instead of the babysite. For a numerous reasons, one it is slow and two you have to pay for it and this is free! I also think that this will be easier. We seem to have a lot going on right now (but when are we never busy!) Football season is right around the corner which for us means crazy 5th quarters at church and Saturdays spent all day in front of the TV! I can't wait!! Ryan recently got some good news at work they will be going to 4 10 hour workdays giving him Fridays off! Of course I'm insanely jealous.
Ryleigh is growing to fast! She can talk up a storm and will talk about anything and everything just to hear herself. She loves to color and do crafts. She loves to spend the night with people, which I'm very happy about since it seems like she has to do that often. She's hit and miss with Tanner, some days she loves him and some days she doesn't want anything to do with him. She can be very mean and then 5 seconds later can be the sweetest girl ever! Potty training is going to be the death of me. She has absolutely no interest in using the potty whatsoever!
Tanner is our sweet little boy. He loves everyone and is the complete opposite of Ryleigh. He is intent on just sitting back and not having to be the center of attention. Although he is sweet and quiet he is still all boy! He loves being outside, bugs, and throwing things. As of now he throws with his left hand which I didn't know was a big deal but according to Ryan, who prays that he will continue to throw this way, it is a big deal. So hopefully he'll became a famous quarterback for Alabama or Georgia and then go to the NFL and we can retire at 40! He used the potty for the first time the other night but has yet to do it since. He was very proud of his accomplishment! when we told Ryleigh she said (in her sad voice) "Tanner get a prize?" We said yes then she said "Tanner get gummies" we said yes. Then she waited a few minutes and responded in a I don't care voice "It don't matter, he can be a big boy, I'll be a big baby!"

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